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The Habitant      
Book One of The Habitants series
Crazy scared Sarah.  
Are crazy people perceiving alternate realities with some kind of extrasensory perception or are they just crazy with mixed up neurotransmitters? If you let go of what was substantial in daily life, where would you end up? How far down the rabbit hold could you go before you got lost? Sarah knew one thing — she didn't want to get lost. She wanted to look normal and stay under the radar.”

Sarah is afraid to look crazy, but she has some thoughts that make her wonder if she is.  A freshman engineering major, Sarah learns that her mother has been laid off, but is determined to stay in school by getting a job on campus at the library. There she meets some unlikely coworkers, a Native American shaman, a Pakistani premed student and a couple of library regulars. She also meets Adam, a meteorology major, who has a penchant for ghost hunting and an equal interest in Sarah. In her job at the library, Sarah and her coworkers discover a mystery centuries old causing Sarah to question her assumptions and perceptions about who or what makes a good friend.


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